Merg la fel de bine in business

si in viata...

Madalin Bratu

19 ani de experiență în domeniul vânzărilor și dezvoltării afacerilor în domenii foarte diverse (securitate IT, consultanță, afaceri anuale: Cloud / Întreținere / Servicii IT), în medii diverse, geos (România, SEE, CEE).
Mă provoc mereu, cat și pe colegii mei clienții mei, cu idei noi, moduri noi în modul în care nu pot fi abordate problemele de afaceri. Îmi plac clienții inovatori.
Nu mi-e teamă ca să iau roluri provocatoare.
Nu mă tem să nu reușesc.
Cred că confortul ad sinem  este zona moarta in business și că provocarea constantă de sine este zona Goldilocks pentru succes în cele din urmă.
Fără pasiune, nu este focus. Fără focus, nu este evolutie.

Stil antreprenor cu gândire puternică și imaginativ susținut de abilități de comunicare foarte bune și un management puternic al programelor.
Abilități puternice în dezvoltarea afacerilor, vânzări, închideri de oferte complexe în organizații complexe, dar și în mici organizații.
Capacități puternice pentru a gestiona angajamente complexe (domeniu de aplicare, mai multe țări).
Extrovertit, cu mintea foarte deschisă, care lucrează cu pasiune și individ foarte înaintat.
Am coerența, integritatea, pasiunea de a inova și concentrarea pentru a crea un impact în organizație.

Consulting & Industry Insight on IT Security, Cloud and Service Management


10:00 am

Key Courses / Certifications

IBM full curricula for Experienced Sellers

IBM Top Sales Talent Center, 2010

IBM C- Suite Success, 2011

K&R Negotiation Techniques, 2015

Financial Selling, 2016

IBM Career Smart Skills

Business Development Executive - 3 – Mastered

Business Development Executive: Technical Support Services Solutions - 3 – Mastered

Client Solution Executive - 3 – Mastered

  • Led the execution of analytical processes that resulted in actionable recommendations.

  • Translated complex business or technical issues using appropriate analysis methods.

  • Collaborated with others to validate innovative analytical approaches, and shared experiences with others.

  • Compelled the client to take action by creating and presenting a business case that included anticipated business benefits.

  • Cultivated mutually beneficial relationships as a trusted advisor with client executives or IBM Business Partners

  • Able to use persuasive negotiation skills and influence rather than direct control to effectively manage stakeholders with conflicting priorities, providing business advice and developing win-win solutions.

  • Provided direction to a globally integrated team to create consulting deliverables.

  • Located and used appropriate internal intellectual capital to contribute to deliverables, leveraging expertise from outside immediate organization.

  • Able to apply appropriate methods to deliver work products across multiple phases of a project

  • Able to conceptualize solutions by integrating a deep understanding of the client's business and market challenges with extensive knowledge of IBM's breadth of capability

  • Designed and implemented innovative solutions across all phases of a project, ensuring that inter-dependencies with other functions were addressed.

  • Assessed alternative industry-specific solutions, evaluated the practicality and impact of implementation, and developed formal recommendations based on knowledge of IBM's industry strategy, competitive offerings, and technologies.

  • Evaluated industry trends, competitive or regulatory pain points, and directions of the marketplace to assess their impact on the client's business.

  • Defined specific performance measures, targets, and goals to enable clients to measure success

  • Identified new opportunities to increase client value by applying deep knowledge of the client's business to the advice provided

  • Gained external recognition as an industry subject matter expert who also advances employer reputation within the industry.

  • Cultivated relationships, established a strong network within an industry, and developed an effective digital reputation within the industry.

  • Applied knowledge of IBM's industry strategy, competitive offerings, and technologies to assess alternate solutions, evaluate the practicality and impact of implementation, and develop formal recommendations to key engagements.

  • Anticipated transformative trends in the industry and demonstrated groundbreaking thinking to influence IBM's internal and external strategies for the industry.

  • Significantly increased client value or revenue on key engagements

  • Applied knowledge of industry segments and the industry value chain on client opportunities or engagements, leading to successful outcomes.

  • Applied knowledge of industry benchmarks, key performance indicators, and the interdependencies between all processes of the industry value chain.

  • Able to evaluate industry trends, competitive or regulatory pain points, and directions of the marketplace to assess their impact on the client's business.


  • Bachelor in Accounting and Information Technology

  • aculty of Accounting and Information Technology, ASE Bucharest, Romania

  • Gheorghe Munteanu Murgoci” Theoretical High School, Romania, Maths / Physics Degree

Client Experience Oversight


4:30 pm

  • Able to create and to maintain strong client relationships at required client management levels

    • Established as the single point of contact for client requirements, expectations management, and overall client satisfaction, at the CIO or higher levels.

    • Oversighted from Sales Pov, the client satisfaction activities to meet or exceed Account or Service Delivery target levels.

    • Acted as the single point of contact (SPOC) with IBM and owned commitments made to the client.

    • Led efforts for business growth, resolution of a critical service delivery issue, contract addendums, or service scope changes.

  • Nonfunctional leader to a regional sales team

    • Led teams to execute sales levels of performance.

    • Enabled breakthrough thinking and helped in conflict resolution. Demonstrated effective communication styles and ability to deal with cultural differences.

    • Improved teamwork across IBM in support of the account or client. Enhanced the account team with appropriate complementary skills, and focused on people development.

  • Able to Identify and drive opportunities for business growth

    • Led a regional sales team in using market intelligence, IBM consulting methods and techniques, opportunity management assessment, and the Account Planning process.

    • Recognized as a leader in using IBM resources and processes that demonstrate the value of IBM services and solutions to the client.

    • Analyzed and clearly articulated the competition and identified the impediments to growth.

    • Developed a track record of meeting or exceeded growth targets.

    • Used a full understanding of the relationships that exist between the client and IBM competitors to determine leverage points to win business.

    • Performed industry and competitive analysis to identify and implement new business.

  • Own and oversee client commitments

    • Been an active member of a team and influenced the use of a management system for tracking service and solution delivery, contract deliverables, SLAs, and IBM commitments made to the client.

    • Contributed activities as a services integrator in support of IBM or the client team.

    • Used crisis management processes to support the account or the client.

    • Contributed to operational performance while assuring process consistency, adherence to business controls, and supplier performance.

  • Delivery Project Executive (DPE) capabilities

    • Able to apply to able the appropriate process standards (e.g., ITIL or COBIT) and/or process maturity discipline (e.g., CMMI or TQM) to ensure service delivery activities were performed properly and in accordance with the contract.

    • Able to establish key performance indicators and related measurements.

    • Able to apply knowledge of the end-to-end business development process for business process outsourcing and transformation, as applicable.

  • Program and Service Management capabilities

    • Been a key contributor or owner of Account Plans and Competitive Sales Strategy.

    • Worked against an emerging technology strategy to implement innovative solutions for client business processes targeted for emerging technology investments.

    • Contributed to direction setting for team IBM or suppliers for better responsiveness.

    • Contributed to creating a quality plan to use global resource centers, thus minimizing business disruption and maximizing value attainment.

    • Able to contribute to operational performance improvements while assuring adherence to business controls.

    • Able to Define, implement, test, and report on key controls over financial reporting.

    • Applied IBM and the customer's legal and regulatory business controls.

  • Client relationship management

    • Able to coordinate team skills.

    • Able to Exercise accountability for full client satisfaction in complex problem determination and resolution and to provide technical direction and to work independently in clients' complex IT systems.

    • Guided less experienced professionals and advised senior management on developing a technical support strategy and direction, maximizing client satisfaction within IBM business objectives.

    • Negotiated with team members and engagement partners (vendors, subcontractors, clients, or IBM employees from other functional areas) to ensure high- quality delivery of service and IT solutions to clients.

    • Conducted client interviews and delivered presentations to engagement partners.

    • Proven ability to work cross organization promoting teaming that deliver high profile business valued solution, where your activities included demonstration of influence, political maturity, contributing to the solution and having responsibility for technical team deliverables and coaching others to perform their roles and tasks.

    • Provided knowledge and technical skills to help the team complete its work. Identified and took ownership of individual and team tasks. Provided direction in areas of specific expertise and contributed to decision making.

    • Anticipated, created, and defined innovative and visionary concepts for the client's account management in a strategic environment.

    • Led efforts to define client needs, requirements, and expectations, and translated them into specific solutions that resulted in formal agreements.

    • Ensured that teams were aware of client vision, goals, objectives, strategy, and tactics and how they relate to IBM business objectives.

    • Led teams in responding with one voice to clients to meet or exceed client satisfaction targets and win additional contracts for operational services. Actively delivered and supported activities in partnership with clients to formulate business, organization, or information strategies that helped clients use information, technology, and services in support of their business.

    • Provided expertise to build client relationships and support clients' reliance on IBM as a trusted advisor. Engaged in developing clients' IT strategy.

INNONEXUS S.R.L.,  18334569, J40/1426/2006, Iosif Hodos, 1, Sector 3, 032511, Bucuresti, Romania,, +4 0784 230 497

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